EFFECTIVE WORSHIP LEADING 1 (curled from an article by David Nkennor)

Worship Leading is both a Spiritual and a Physical (or Psychological) activity. Yet, none of both “extremes” is advisable in leading a great worship session. The activity is in itself a Spiritual experience that cannot be faked, yet as Worship Leaders we lead men who are human and not necessarily Spirits.

Effective Worship leading is characterized by some elements that are synonymous with good Leadership. This understanding helps to develop the Worship leader into a complete leader who inspires not only by the songs they sing, but by the life they live. Good leaders understand that people are different; hence they take cognizance of individual differences. Every gathering of worshipers has a representation people from different backgrounds, having different likes and dislikes. Some Orthodox, some Pentecostal, some traditional, some contemporary. A good knowledge of your audience should influence your choice of songs; as certain styles would only help your audience connect and tag along more easily.

A good worship Leader is also sensitive to the times, seasons and happenings. It is important that you pick songs that are relevant to the emphasis of the service. Be it about healing or miracles, faith in God, thanksgiving or adoration etc, there are songs that work for each time. People also respond better when you recognize real issues at hand. Being sensitive may also mean not overstretching an audience filled with elderly people with the duration, speed/tempo and intensity or loudness of the worship session; as in a concert full of youths.

Another basic rule for effective worship leading is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Not everybody is as musically intelligent as your band is. The more complicated the music is, the less people you are most likely to carry along in the worship session. Avoid doing too many new or unfamiliar songs. It may be wiser to teach a new song you intend to do, before beginning the session.

Regardless of all the steps we take and the loopholes we try to avoid in leading worship, you must understand that if worship was designed to please God, then it can’t happen in the flesh. This means that true worship is not a function of our feelings, even though our feelings are expressed in it. It is a function of the human Spirit. (John 4:24, Rom 8:8). Worshiping in the flesh profits you nothing! There are no benefits or advantages when we worship in the flesh (John 6:63). It is sad to note that some of our worship sessions are only an attempt to entertain our fleshly desires; and they lack the essence of selfless indulgence with the one who loves us most.

Finally, no one can worship effectively without the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God makes up for our inabilities. That’s why He is called our HELPER. “Likewise the Spirit alsohelpeth our infirmities” Rom 8:26

Remain blessed.

….to be continued

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